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Eiffel Tower

CROSSOVER! David Lee & Marina Bourderonnet, from Second Studio Podcast (formerly Midnight Charette) join in as we discuss the Eiffel Tower and continue our conversation on landmark structures.We highlight the history of the Eiffel Tower with, architect and historian, Bertrand Lemoine, share our opinions and experiences, discuss the relevancy of landmarks today, and so much more!Show Music: Intro – “The Black Market,” by Hysics and “Keep Calm and Chill” by Soundroll History – “Trace It,” by Skrya, “Material Design,” by David Celeste, “Chanson Blanc,” by Trabant 33, “Faux Fealty,” by Charles Holme, and “Small-Town Nostalgia,” by Kikoru Outro – “Perfect Time,” by Toby TranterAlbum artwork: Photo by Luke Webb from Pexels