EA482: Roger Silvera – Essential Planning for Life as an Architect

Essential Planning for Life as an Architect

Born and raised in New York, Roger takes pride in being immersed in the community in which he lives and works. He is President and Founder of Compass Financial Pathways, LLC, a firm that has aligned with New York Life to provide world class financial solutions to small business architectural firms.

Roger believes in empowering his clients to have a seat at the table regarding their financial matters and engaging in the crucial conversations necessary to take control of their financial future. His ultimate goal is to create peace of mind for the clients he serves and community of financially savvy individuals, who can in return, continue to educate and empower one another throughout the various stages of life.

This week on EntreArchitect Podcast, Essential Planning for Life as an Architect with Roger Silvera.

Connect with Roger online at New York Life, or find him on LinkedIn.

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