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105: ‘Pick Your Niche’, with Ian Janicki

Ian Janicki of Homestead joins the podcast to talk about what architecture schools have been and still are focused on versus what opportunities exist because of recent changes in legislation (California’s SB 9), the importance of infill—especially for solving the housing crisis, why architects should consider learning real estate, how to make more developers, entrepreneurship in the architectural profession, making the case for why we should be wrapping our collective heads around the potential of architecture as product and how to scale an idea to affect change, how to protect a business to avoid what Ian calls “the lumpiness of the profession”, NIMBY-ism and YIMBY-ism, and more.


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Architect & Developer: A Guide to Self-Initiating Projects by James Petty AIA (Amazon)

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California Senate Bill 9 (The California Home Act)

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