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103: ‘Through the Abstraction Ladder’, with Kyle Bernhardt

Kyle Bernhardt of TestFit joins the podcast to talk about his career spanning from school to Autodesk to TestFit, leadership, communication, bridging between different groups within an organization, discussion about the unchangeable soul of an app, reducing friction in our processes, addressing unmet expectations, new chapters and new opportunities during one’s career, and so much more.

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TestFit website

TestFit on LinkedIn

TestFit on Twitter

TestFit REX (Real Estate Execution Model) blog post

Clifton Harness (CEO of TestFit) on TRXL

TRXL 005: ’BIM is a T-Rex‘, with Clifton Harness

TRXL 048: ‘How it Started; How it’s Going’, with Ian Keough and Clifton Harness

TRXL 067: ‘Ignoring the Warning Signs’, with Samuel Schneider (Financial approach in architecture reference)

Archispeak 279: An Indictment of the Built Environment (Heatherwick article reference)

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