103: Enhancing Workflow with Artificial Intelligence

Episode 103: Enhancing Workflow with Artificial Intelligence

How can artificial intelligence help architects improve their productivity?

AI has recently emerged as a powerful tool for creating written text that is both accurate and informative. From automated news reports to automated customer support chatbots and beyond, AI has enabled the production of content that was unthinkable only a few years ago. This document is a direct example of this trend, as it has been created entirely by AI-powered text generation software. It is our hope that today’s episode will demonstrate the potential of AI and inspire listeners to explore the possibilities this technology presents.

This week we’ve invited Jason Kuperberg on the show to discuss AI, ChatGPT, and a powerful AI writing tool his company created called HyperWrite. Hyperwrite uses a combination of AI-driven analysis and human editing to create content that is both efficient and accurate. Hyperwrite’s algorithms are able to quickly analyze a user’s writing style and suggest edits that improve the overall clarity of the text. 


Jason Kuperberg is the co-founder of OthersideAI, an applied AI company that specializes in building writing and communication tools using advanced AI systems such as GPT-3. The company’s flagship product, HyperWrite, is one of the first generative AI writing platforms and a leading Chrome extension known for its innovative use of AI technology and focus on user experience and interface.

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