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096: ‘Carapace Pavilion’, with Douglas Noble

Special guest Douglas Noble of the USC School of Architecture joins the podcast to talk about a student-led design, fabrication, and construction project that was recently installed in Joshua Tree National Park. We cover the entire process including design, the technology involved, collaboration with consultants, working with the thin shell concrete prefab team at Clark Pacific, logistics and transportation, and installation.


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Doug on LinkedIn

Doug on Twitter

Doug on Instagram

USC on LinkedIn

USC School of Architecture website

USC School of Architecture on Twitter

Carapace Pavilion

Installation time-lapse video

USC Architecture Students Built This: The Carapace Pavilion

The Carapace Pavilion Points North (LinkedIn)

Secrets of the Carapace: Apertures (LinkedIn)

Secrets of the Carapace: Shadows (LinkedIn)

Carapace Pavilion vs Boeing 737 (LinkedIn)

Carapace Pavilion: Framing Two Views (LinkedIn)

Carapace Pavilion: Shell Thickness (LinkedIn)

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