093: Design Technology Management & Training

With enhanced dependency on technology, what is an architecture firm’s responsibility in educating staff on various digital skills?

Jeames Hanley and Christina Diego join us from Gray Puksand to discuss how their growing team of 140+ is scaling their technology strategy. As the National Design Technology Manager at Gray Puksand, Jeames works across multiple locations, including Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney to ensure his team can deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients and projects alike.

Through this discussion, we’ll learn best practices for bridging conversations on technology, mentorship, and project delivery in support of a people-first culture. We’ll do our best to address how to effectively design and support the technology demands of a busy architecture firm.


As a Digital technologist and strategist in the AEC industry, Jeames Hanley leads digital transformation and champions cultural change within architectural practices in the face of a technological shift. He converts strategy into front-line behavior by supporting people first in an ever-changing technology-centric environment. 

Implementing workflows centered around automation, algorithm-based design, and data literacy Jeames also educates designers that these technologies and a tech-first mindset present huge opportunities and not threats to the design industry.

Graduating in the middle of COVID, Christina Diego is a recent graduate of Billy Blue College of Design, where she earned her Bachelor of Interior Design. Christina joined the interior design team of Gray Puksand in October 2021 and has since been part of commercial, workplace, and education projects. She has a real interest in learning the technical side of design but also learning about the ever evolving side of design and sustainability.

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