086: A Large Firm Perspective on Innovation & Transformation: CannonDesign

Episode 086: A Large Firm Perspective on Innovation & Transformation: CannonDesign

How do large firms think about innovation and transformation within the industry, and where are they investing next?

 Within the last four years, CannonDesign:

  • grew their consulting practice through the strategic acquisition of Blue Cottage Consulting
  • brought new software tools to market, and 
  • launched a pre-fab design and fabrication facility in the middle of a pandemic

In turn, growing their market share and the value they continue to deliver to their clients.

 In this episode, we sit down with CEO Bradley A Lukanic, AIA, to talk about the evolution of architecture practice, where he believes architects need to be focused, and the opportunities that technology and innovation are playing in decisions that Cannon is making about the growth of their operations and business.


With a never-ending drive and passion for design and built experiences, Bradley A. Lukanic, AIA, LEED AP embraces situational change disrupters that transform the industry’s future – and he’s leading CannonDesign’s charge to get there. As CEO, Brad seeks partners that are curious to accelerate, command and propel design’s influences on environments with goals resolving cross-disciplinary thinking and engagement. He leads CannonDesign with a sincere approach of listening to employee and client challenges to guide a discovery of “what if” opportunities, instead of progressing in a silo. Parallel to his practical design experience, Brad’s thought leadership is shared within and beyond architecture audiences.

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