050: TRXL Crossover: Calling on Architects to Embrace Change

Episode 050: TRXL Crossover: Calling on Architects to Embrace Change

Why is change necessary in the practice of architecture?

To celebrate our 50th episode of Practice Disrupted we’ve teamed up with fellow podcaster and Gābl Media content creator Evan Troxel to bring you a special crossover episode. Evan is an industry-leading design and technology expert and licensed architect in California. Since launching his newest podcast TRXL in 2020, he has interviewed over 50 thought leaders to discuss how technology is changing our profession. 

From the very start of this podcast, we identified technology as one external force disrupting the practice of architecture. This pivotal moment in time has redefined the way architects practice including the way they draft, model, communicate, and build.

Today we’re talking about change and our collective work across two podcasts to move the profession forward. We’re asking architects to embrace change and we’ll focus on technology as a driver of change, the limitations of architecture studios to implement change, and our shared desire to see this industry evolve.


Evan Troxel is a licensed architect in California and Tect’s architectural community director. With over 25 years of architectural design and project experience, he strives to better the architectural community in meaningful ways.

Evan is the author of A.R.E. Hacks and also co-hosts a widely recognized architecture and design podcast called Archispeak. In 2020 he launched a new podcast called TRXL where he is joined by guests from the “architechie” community.

When not pushing the profession forward, he’s likely out in the mountains recharging his batteries. An avid mountain biker, rock climber, photography enthusiast, and general adventurer, he’s always searching for his next outdoor experience.

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