049: The Ultimate Building Configurator

Episode 049: The Ultimate Building Configurator

How are architects leveraging new technology to expedite the design process?

This week we interview Clifton Harness, a former University of Texas at Austin architecture student turned CEO. Together with his college roommate, Clifton Harness and Ryan Griege co-founded TestFit in 2017. The team has been on a trajectory of growth ever since.

TestFit’s powerful algorithms allow architects to produce buildings in seconds; not weeks. Embracing a data-driven approach to smart urban planning, TestFit’s algorithms and co-creation tools help solve site plans for multifamily, hotel, parking or garden apartments quickly. Through this new generative design tool architects are empowered to iterate instantly, expediting the process of developing feasibility studies and securing new work.


Clifton Harness loves to build – buildings and now new companies. He graduated from UT Austin with a BArch. Soon after joining a real estate development company, Clifton started working with his college roommate, Ryan Griege after-hours to innovate deal processes. This work grew into TestFit.

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Read Clifton’s Crash Course in Test Fitting

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