Episode 041: Season 3 Launch

Welcome back to Practice Disrupted! 

To celebrate the launch of season 3 we’ve organized a special crossover episode between the Design Voice Podcast and Practice Disrupted. Guest moderator Catherine Meng will interview Evelyn Lee and Je’Nen Chastain to discuss podcasting, the practice of architecture, and more.

The Design Voice Podcast seeks to elevate and amplify the voices of women in the architecture, engineering, and construction professions. Each episode features honest conversations with those who shape the built environment. By telling their stories, this podcast hopes to serve as a source of education, inspiration and empowerment. 

The evolution of architectural practice has been relatively slow towards change, yet modern shifts in business and design management have prompted today’s leading architects to rethink how they work. Practice Disrupted addresses how technology, cultural shifts, and emerging best practices in business are prompting industry disruption and transformation. The series features thought leaders on business, innovation, entrepreneurship, and/or architecture. 


Evelyn M. Lee, FAIA, MBA, MPA is a licensed architect in the state of California, with over 15 years of experience working with individuals and companies that are looking to reshape their future. She is the founder of Practice of Architecture, the first-ever Senior Experience Designer at Slack Technologies, and the first female Treasurer to AIA National‘s Board of Directors.

Je’Nen M. Chastain, MBA, Assoc. AIA is trained in architecture and business management with a decade of experience working with award-winning architects. She founded Apostrophe Consulting to help architects improve firm culture, and strengthen their teams and businesses. She specializes in talent development, change management, and business strategy, including marketing and communication.


Catherine Meng is an architect at DLR Group in San Francisco. Her broad design experience includes projects in the multi-family housing, higher-education, workplace, and commercial sectors. Before moving to San Francisco, Catherine practiced in Shanghai, and New York City. Catherine is also the creator and host of the Design Voice Podcast, which seeks to elevate and amplify the voices of women in architecture, engineering, and construction. 

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