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04: Learning About Leadership

Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA shares stories of the early career experiences that led to his growth as a leader at HOK.

Bill Valentine, FAIA and former CEO of HOK, joins Patrick to chat about their time together in the firm and Bill shares his perspective on Patrick’s career advancements.

Patrick also speaks to a past client, John Igoe, who was the assistant to the San Francisco Chief Administrative Officer and helped oversee the development of the original Mascone Center, in San Francisco, by HOK.

Patrick shares his lessons for listeners to take away from this episode:

  • Design a firm where employees can grow
  • Lead, don’t manage
  • Run towards trouble

To read along and see illustrations and personal photos that accompany this series, get Patrick’s book, Designing a World-Class Architecture Firm. You can buy the book at and find out more information at