038: Designing a Service-Based Practice

Episode 038: Designing a Service-Based Practice

What are lessons learned from building a successful building information and technology consultancy for the AEC industry?

David Fano joins us to share the story of the creation of CASE, Inc., the building information consultancy later acquired by WeWork. CASE found it’s momentum by identifying a need in the industry. They became known for their ability to bridge architecture and technology, and worked with design firms to identify, implement and manage the technologies and business practices that enabled more effective coordination, communication and collaboration on projects.

The founders of CASE, Inc. combined their experiences as architects, engineers, project managers, software developers and educators with their passion for technology to improve the way buildings were designed, built and operated. Case provided strategic advising to building design professionals, contractors and owners seeking to supplant traditional project delivery methods through technology driven process innovation. 

We’ll discuss the early days of CASE, Inc. leading up to the point it was acquired. What key lessons did Dave learn from designing this service-based practice? What key lessons can architects adapt into their own service-based businesses?


A serial entrepreneur and architect by training, David Fano has built his career by creating high-growth teams. He founded the successful building information and technology consultancy CASE and ultimately sold it to WeWork, where he served as Chief Growth Officer and increased the unicorn startup’s revenue 100% Year over Year for four years and grew the team by 2,000%. In 2020, Dave launched his latest passion, Teal, which offers a collective of resources that puts career development back in the hands of the individual so they can pursue a fulfilling career. 

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‘The Former Founders of Case Discuss WeWork’s Lasting Impact on Architecture’ by Wanda Lau

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