030: Getting Your Work Published

Episode 030: Getting Your Work Published

How do you get your projects and ideas published in reputable journals? 

For many architects, published work represents a major milestone in their careers. 

To learn how this process works, we interviewed Wanda Lau, an industry leader in journalism supporting award-winning architecture, architects, and practice-related topics. She shares her point of view as an editor working behind the scenes to write and publish a monthly journal. Find out how she moved from engineering into journalism, as well as her advice for pitching your ideas to editors. 

ARCHITECT, is the official journal of The American Institute of Architects, and produces extensive coverage on projects and thought leadership pieces covering a wide range of industry topics. It’s the premier platform for architecture industry news and building resources for architects and architecture industry professionals. 


Wanda Lau is an editor, writer, and podcaster at ARCHITECT magazine. She covers technology, practice, and op-eds at ARCHITECT magazine, the journal of The American Institute of Architects. Based in Washington, D.C., she is an award-winning editor and writer who has covered everything from building codes to firm culture. She is also a host and producer of the ARCHITECT Podcast Network. Prior to joining ARCHITECT, she worked for a decade in the AEC industry as an owner’s representative, engineer, and communications director—but not all at once.

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