025: Architecture, And: Tech

Episode 025: Architecture, And: Tech

How are individuals using their training in architecture to explore diverse career paths?

Continuing our series on “architecture, and”, we interview Kat Dovjenko who is a former Program Manager at the R+D Lab for the Built Environment. She recently joined Muse & Company as their new Creative Director. She designs physical and digital spaces and transforms emerging ideas into scalable solutions. She works with technologies such as AR/VR, next gen software, and robotics to drive innovation in the AEC industry. Right now, she is helping craft the future of workplace. 


Kat Dovjenko is inspired by the dynamic energy around architecture and urban planning. She maintains that the more complex, ambitious, and unsolvable the problem, the better. 

She recently joined Muse & Company as Creative Director.

As a former Program Manager at the R+D Lab for the Built Environment, Kat drove talented teams to unite and achieve outcomes they would not be able to do individually—at multiple scales and in multiple stages of the design process. With R+D, Kat navigated speculative pockets of the future and weaved together how they might impact our built spaces. Kat never shies away from ambiguity and is skilled at using foresight and storytelling to propel leading-edge technologies into real products for the workplace and beyond.

Kat was born near a nuclear meltdown in Kyiv, Ukraine, which imbued her with a superpower for exploration and discovery. She studied Finance in Vancouver, Canada, before earning her Masters in Architecture from the University of Toronto.

In her spare time, Kat works alongside three brilliant investors and leads a syndicate of architects and builders to invest in AEC-related startups. She’s currently learning how to play a steel hang drum, albeit slowly. 

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