Episode 017: Building Culture

How do organizations build and manage culture? And, why is culture so important anyway?


Anne Foreman, Co-Founder of At Your Core

Steph Mann, Co-Founder of At Your Core

Anne is a cross-functional, values-oriented business leader who thrives when facilitating a team and simplifying and solving complex problems. She has worked for major companies including Method and Mattel, managing large brands, budgets and teams as well as go-to-market plans for start-ups with limited resources. She flexes from strategic to tactical to impact company values and operating principles.

Steph has 15 years of experience in brand management and management consulting, delivering profitable growth with a key focus on people leadership and strategic choices. She has always sought to improve organizational culture and team effectiveness and gets a LOT of energy from cultivating new connections and nurturing relationships in work and life.

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How to live your company values across the employee experience https://www.cultureamp.com/blog/how-to-live-your-company-values-across-the-employee-experience/

Client Interview with Tile’s CEO, CJ Prober:


Stats worth sharing with your leadership team:

In an employee experience study, 80% of employees felt more engaged when their work was consistent with the core values of the organization.1  And, when employees are engaged, absenteeism lowers by 41%, productivity boosts by 7%, turnover lowers by 24%.2 Speaking of turnover, 84% of workers would consider leaving their current job if offered another role with a company that had an excellent reputation (and most would require only a 1-10% salary increase to make the move). 3 And attracting high talent is the goal here: companies with cultures that attract high talent enjoy 33% higher revenues.4

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