If you have an older home that is still lucky enough to have original windows, please consider restoring the windows before throwing them out and replacing them with modern windows. Why? Listen to this episode and Alison Hardy will explain it to you.

This episode’s guest: about Alison Hardy of Window Woman of New England : “Window Woman of New England was established in 2003 by Alison Hardy. The idea for the business came about after years of frustration living in old houses with drafty broken windows and dissatisfaction with replacement window options. Call it Yankee thrift, but it just made no sense to throw out windows with lots of charm and character just because they didn’t look their best or were painted stuck. After years of trial and error, lots of reading, lots of questions, and a growing boredom with work in the textile business Ms. Hardy started working on not just her own, but friends windows, and then paying customers.

The Window Woman team all bring a variety of skills from their “former lives” and all share a passion for doing quality work. We are constantly learning from each other, and from the wide variety of windows we encounter. Last year we restored over 600 windows and repaired another 700+ windows.

Our headquarters is located in Amesbury, MA which is north of Boston. We service the North Shore Boston, Merrimac Valley and Southern New Hampshire areas. We also have had windows delivered to our workshop for restoration. We are very happy to teach homeowners who want to try it themselves and can supply some hard to find materials and advice.”

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