Where to start with your home renovation

Walter Russell from Home Sweet Home Builders of Woburn MA joined me on this first episode to discuss how to get going with a project, Walter brings the perspective of a contractor in a discussion about how to kick off your home renovation.

Episode Recap

Step 1: Know what you want 

Step 2: Know what you can afford

Our fictional homeowner is trying to figure out how to start a project that would be a two story addition, kitchen on the first floor and a master suite on the second floor. She has $200,000 to spend. What should her first call be? Does she have enough money to complete what she would like to do?

  • Should you call a contractor first or an architect? 
  • How does someone begin to set a budget? 
  • We discussed factors that contribute to the price of a project. 
  • An architect is thinking about what is possible in the space, a contractor is thinking budget. Ideally you would bring the two together early in the project.
  • Is it a good idea to put everything you want into a plan just to see how much it is going to cost? Will that cause unnecessary disappointment?
  • Building a master plan is going to be important for realizing what the maximum scope potential is
  • Architect works up a vision and a scope of work, the contractor will be able to give a rough budget number based on that. 
  • Should you keep your home renovation budget number secret? 
  • Walter gives some ballpark prices for common smaller projects. 
  • Are square footage prices accurate?

Learning from the mistakes of others

Don’t rush into a project

Walter Russell is the co-owner of Home Sweet Home Builders, a full service construction company, with a core focus on residential remodeling and roofing. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and twitter @HSHBLLC or on the internet at www.HSHbuilds.com

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