Urban population growth and the dependence on transportation has reached a point where 30 to 60% of urban areas are taken by roads and parking lots. Subsequently, mobility issues have exponentially increased. Brandon Reyes P.E., Project Manager at Michael Baker International joins the show to discuss changes in transportation on the horizon and how they may affect the future of spaces we occupy every day.

Project Spotlights:
The Boring Company’s Tunnel Under Los Angeles

Show Music:
Intro – “Funky Suspense” from www.bensound.com
History – “Enigmatic” from www.bensound.com
Audio Clips: TED Ed – Urbanization and the Future of Cities, by Vance Kite | Ford Commercial | TED2017 Elon Musk: The future we’re building — and boring
Outro – “Man Alone Chimes the Hour” by Nihilore

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