This episode features a conversation with a friend and former mentee, Tiffany James. She shares more of her story with me and discusses her journey from UVA to Baltimore, her work in the nonprofit sector, and her passion for writing. She shares her excitement for writing a novel that incorporates architectural elements and explores the impact of the built environment on storytelling.


Bio: Tiffany James is a writer and content marketer who brings a storytelling approach to the strategic marketing collaborations she forms with nonprofits and cause-driven social entrepreneurs. Since graduating from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s in architecture, Tiffany served three years as an AmeriCorps volunteer, tackling issues in the home improvement sector and early literacy development. With more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, she currently works as an associate director of strategic communications for a nonprofit in Washington, D.C., and earned a master’s in writing from Johns Hopkins, where she was awarded the 2021 Women’s Voices are Important Fellowship. 


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