The incarcerated population has ballooned over the last 50 years and public attitudes have slowly shifted towards active pursuit of criminal justice reform. However, we can’t forget about prison design itself.

In today’s episode the guys highlight key points of criminal justice reform and discuss the evolution of prison design and potential improvements for the future.

Project Spotlights:
Medievil Prison Design
Bridewell House of Corrections | London
Panopticon Design Concept, by Jeremy Bentham
Direct Supervision Prison Design
Mas d’Enric Penitentiary, by AiB estudi d’arquitectes + Estudi PSP Arquitectura | Tarragona, Spain

Show Music:
Intro – “Funky Suspense” from
History – “Enigmatic” from
Outro – “Man Alone Chimes the Hour” by Nihilore

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