A new podcast by Evan Troxel of Archispeak… Introducing TRXL

Last week, Mark shared an introduction to Practice Disrupted with Evelyn Lee and Je'Nen Chastain.

We hope you had a chance to listen and subscribe to that powerful new show. Evelyn and Je'Nen and will be inviting guests and sharing their thoughts on how to remain relevant and valuable as the profession of architecture continues to evolve and change.

We had a great launch on Thursday and a new episode of Practice Disrupted is scheduled to release EVERY Thursday.

So, make sure you visit GāblMedia.com and subscribe.

Today, Mark is back in your feed because we launched another new podcast at Gābl Media, our new multimedia network empowering global leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

You may recognize the voice from this one he may even sound like an old friend.

Launching today at Gābl Media TRXL with Evan Troxel, the co-host from your other favorite architecture podcast, Archispeak.

At TRXL, Evan is pursuing his passions for learning and sharing his knowledge about architecture and how technology is changing our profession.

In this special episode at EntreArchitect Podcast, Evan and Mark talk about Evan’s passions, his purpose, and why he launching this powerful new podcast.

Listen and subscribe to TRXL, right now.

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