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Inside Meow Wolf: The Structural Secrets Behind Denver’s Wildest Attraction

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Welcome to Unstruct! In this episode, we explore the construction and design of Meow Wolf, also known as Convergence Station, located in Denver, CO. Meow Wolf is an art and entertainment company that brings imagination to life with elaborate, immersive, multi-story exhibits inside. The building itself was constructed in a tight pie-shaped footprint with only 10 feet of clearance between the road and building in some locations, presenting unique design challenges. Joining us are Peter Kelly, PE, a Project Manager with KL&A who was responsible for the structural design portion of this project, and Michael Olsen, PE, the Detailing Manager with KL&A who was responsible for the detailing and construction support of this building. Together, they provide valuable insight into the challenges and solutions involved in constructing Meow Wolf Denver. Listen in to discover the innovative strategies used to make this project a success and learn more about the design and construction of this unique and fascinating building.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the key design and construction challenges faced by the Meow Wolf Denver project team, including the unique footprint of the building and its location between two major highways.
  2. Explain the innovative strategies used by the project team to address these challenges, including the use of complex structural systems and detailed construction planning.
  3. Evaluate the importance of collaboration and communication among team members in the success of a complex construction project, such as Meow Wolf Denver.
  4. Assess the impact of unique and creative design elements on the overall success of a building project, and the importance of incorporating these elements into the planning and construction process.

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