The idea for this episode came from a listener question. The question was- How to expect the unexpected? I immediately thought of asking the men at Behind the Studs, a home improvement podcast that I have been listening to lately. We discussed architect/contractor relationships and the importance of working together, and narrowed down what can come as a surprise during construction.

About the guests this episode, Colin Shaw and Jimmy Driscoll

Colin was raised on the CT shoreline. He’s a husband, a dad, soccer coach extraordinaire, and all around awesome guy. He is the owner of Shaw Remodeling, a renovation company based out of Niantic CT. You’ll most often find him out on job sites, at the grocery store, or any where his kids are.  He loves home improvement, and especially enjoys the transformations from beginning to end during the projects.  Most of all, he loves the crazy stories that come with the territory.

Jimmy was born and raised in Methuen, then bounced around Massachusetts. Left for NYC in ’86 and moved to CT in ’94. He’s been an actor and a rock star, written, directed, and produced. College was good but he still hasn’t graduated from that school of hard knocks yet. Ahh, but it’s getting better. Nothing like swimming down stream.  And if that isn’t enough, Jimmy also owns Dreyfus Construction, a home improvement company in Clinton CT. That’s where the real show begins. 


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