Our health and the built environment are inextricably linked, yet we often neglect to design and build as though they are. Erin Peavey, AIA, an award-winning architect and design researcher at HKS, trained in architecture and psychology, shares her expertise, research, and passion to highlight why you should consider designing and building for health and wellbeing.

In this conversation we discuss what inspired her to start her podcast Shared Space, the connection between psychology and the built environment, short comings in the way we currently design and build and the subsequent effects on people, potential solutions and considerations to improve the way we design and build, and much more!

As heard on the show:

Connecting IRL: How the Built Environment Can Foster Social Health, by Erin Peavey

Here’s how Shingle Mountain was born — and why Dallas won’t pay to destroy the 70,000-ton monster

From Shingle Mountain to Floral Farms: Citizen HKS Helps Turn Southern Dallas Eyesore into Park

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Intro – “Keep Calm and Chill” by Soundroll

Outro – “Still Trying” by Dylan Sitts

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