In part 2 of our 3-part miniseries, Dimitrius sits down with Evan Troxel of Archispeak Podcast & HMC Architects and Anthony Laney of Laney LA to continue the conversation on the evolution of architecture. We define what an architect does, discuss education, explore architectural software, highlight the evolution of the practice, share the best and worst of the business, ponder what the future will look like, and we play “What Was That Like?!,” asking what was it like having your first all nighter?

Show Music:
Intro – “Keep Calm and Chill” by Soundroll
History – “Frozen in Time” by Kikoru, “Resin” by Farrell Wooten, “Once in Vegas” by White Bones, and “Observers” by Lalo Brickman
Outro – “What” by Aldous Young

Album artwork:
Photo by Lukas Kloeppel

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