How to relocate an iconic 100 year old theatre to the third floor (TSX Broadway)

In this episode, we dive into the remarkable story of relocating an iconic 100-year-old theatre to the third floor of TSX Broadway in Manhattan. Joining us are three experts integral to this incredible feat – Bill Mandara, CEO of Mancini Duffy, Joseph Levi, Construction Project Manager at TSX Broadway, and Ben Alper, Associate Principal at Severud Associates.

Ben Alper, licensed as a structural engineer in California and Nevada, brings his expertise from diverse projects such as the TSX Broadway redevelopment, the Weeksville Heritage Center, and the LA Forum renovation. Ben’s leadership in structural engineering extends beyond the office, as an active member of ASCE and involvement with NCSEA, NYC Buildings, and SEAoNY.

Bill Mandara Jr., with a family legacy in construction, is the CEO and co-owner of Mancini Duffy, a design firm with a century-old history. Bill’s journey from a teenager on his father’s job sites to becoming a principal and co-owner reflects his unwavering commitment to client-centric values and consistent vision.

Joseph Levi, boasting over 20 years of experience as a Construction Project Manager, is at the helm of the TSX Broadway project in Times Square. His expertise in programming and procedures has been pivotal in bringing to life the 550,000-square-foot, 48-story tower with unique features like a permanent outdoor stage and flexible retail spaces.

Together, these experts share insights into the challenges and triumphs of relocating a historic theatre to an unconventional space, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of the TSX Broadway project. 

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, How to relocate an iconic 100 year old theatre to the third floor (TSX Broadway) with Bill Mandara, Joseph Levi and Ben Alper. 

Connect with Bill, Joseph and Ben online at Mancini Duffy, and find them on InstagramX, or LinkedIn.

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