The 3 Essential Factors of Effective Project Management

C. Ray Harvey is a product specialist at Factor, an app that connects people, projects, and invoicing for modern architecture and engineering firms. Through Factor, he works directly with customers to consult on ways to improve workflows using the Factor product, and internally he works with the design and development team to continue adding valuable features to make it more effective for the firms that use it.

Prior to Factor, he spent over a decade as a business analyst and director in a growing professional services firm that grew to over 100 consultants and sold in 2021. His passion is in process improvement, and on the side he spends time with his wife and son and stays active in music composition, production, and performance.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, The 3 Essential Factors of Effective Project Management with C. Ray Harvey. 

Connect with C. Ray at Factor, or follow him on LinkedIn.

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