Shifting the Housing Industry Toward the Value of Design

A quarter century of experience in the world of design and construction comes to bear on Toby Witte’s work. German by heritage and upbringing, born in Peru, Toby has had the privilege to study architecture, building science, drafting, and construction in Germany and in the USA.

Between various employments with architect, engineering, and construction firms, he graduated cum laude from the School of Architecture at UNCC. He ran his previous design/build companies Dialect Design and Qube11 for over a decade until he founded Wittehaus.

In 2004 he received the Medal & Henry Adams Certificate of Merit by The American Institute of Architects. And in 2018 the 3rd People’s Choice Award of the North Carolina Modernist Houses Matsumoto Prize.

To learn, grow, and contribute Toby has been an active member of the American Institute of Architects, the National Organization of Minority Architects, Brick & Wonder, EntreArchitect ASG Mastermind, and the German American Chambers of Commerce.

When Toby parks his pencil he lets himself be sucked in by a vibrant family life centered around his wife, an early education teacher, and their three powerhouse daughters. He cooks, reads, travels, plays two chords on the guitar and loves a good beer.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, Shifting the Housing Industry Toward the Value of Design with Toby Witte. 

Connect with Toby at Wittehaus, or follow him on InstagramLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

Reference in this Episode

Supersizing Bliss: How We Have Betrayed Our Homes and the Happiness We Seek by Toby Witte [book]

EA438: Toby Witte – How to Brand a Modern Residential Architecture Firm [podcast]

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