The Simple Truth About Success as an Architect

Jonathan is an attorney in an entrepreneur’s body. He thrives on helping CEOs and business owners rethink their next “blue ocean” and achieve breakthrough success in business and life. In 2013, Jonathan left a midsized firm, where he served as corporate counsel for large privately-held corporations and small businesses, to found InPrime Legal – a revolutionary way for businesses to approach legal.

Since then, Jonathan founded Contract Sprint, a platform for small business owners to access custom legal documents done in minutes (not weeks), as well as BOAR Relentless, a consulting and strategic firm, focused on helping business owners achieve breakthrough success in business and life.

This week on EntreArchitect podcast, The Simple Truth About Success as an Architect with Jonathan Page.

Learn more about Jonathan at, check out the businesses at Contract SprintInPrime Legal, and BOAR Relentless, and connect with him on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram. Get 90% off any contract at Contract Sprint with the code “Architect”.

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