Why Client Interviews Are the Missing Link in Your Marketing

Melissa Harstine helps service providers improve their sales and marketing with research-backed copy and case studies. As a trained journalist, she leverages customer interviews to craft words that inspire people to take action.

Melissa lives in Kansas with her husband, Nate, and a backyard full of songbirds. In her free time, she enjoys brushing up on her watercolor skills (pun intended!), taste-testing a new Instant Pot recipe, or blazing through a good book.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, Why Client Interviews Are the Missing Link in Your Marketing with Melissa Harstine.

Connect with Melissa on Instagram @melissaharstinecreative or on her website, www.melissaharstine.com. Check out her free guide to learn how to conduct an effective customer research interview here!

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