A Quest to Create, Design, Inspire

Bryn Young is the architect and founder of BYoung Design, a residential design studio in San Diego. She has a background in architecture, interior design, and entrepreneurship. Her path to business ownership has been a little unconventional. She knew she was an entrepreneur from a very young age and had many businesses by the time she was in high school. She started her design career in interior design, receiving a degree from Chico State in interior design and a business degree in entrepreneurship and small business management.

After school, she returned to San Diego to work for her family's construction company, where she learned estimating and gained a deeper knowledge of construction. Eventually, she started and ran their design-build side of the company. After a few years working in design-build, Bryn went on to get her masters in architecture from NewSchool of Architecture and Design. She continued to work on design-build and grow her own business while in school, which led to a successful start of her career upon graduating and 2 AIA awards.

Bryn has felt the push to expand and evolve BYoung Design into more than just a typical residential architecture firm. She is involved with her community and is on the Board of Directors at the La Jolla Historical Society. Most recently, she has launched a blog and podcast called Design Create Inspire, which is designed for entrepreneurs, thinkers, designers, and creatives. She continues to work on residential projects while also being able to teach and inspire her community.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, A Quest to Create, Design, Inspire.

Learn more about Bryn and the consulting services he offers at BYoungDesign.com and check out Design Create Inspire, or connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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