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As small firm architects, work life balance plays a critical role in the success of our businesses as well as the success of our personal lives. This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, Mark R. LePage shares his thoughts on Living an Integrated Life as a Small Firm Architect.

The integrated life allows us to live one continuous life with both our business and personal lives at the same time. Sometimes it’s crazy, and sometimes it’s wonderful. For those of us who work from home or who are trying to juggle full time personal lives and full time professional lives, it becomes a struggle: we’re either going to end up with a failing firm because we focused on our family, or we’re going to end up with a forgotten family because we focused on our firm.

Imbalance in life shows itself as stress. When our attention and intentions are appropriately distributed, the stress is reduced. This doesn’t mean that the distribution needs to be equal.

How do we balance our time, our efforts, our attention between our firm and our family?

Success comes when we stop trying to balance them perfectly, but instead, accept that work and life are one integrated experience. 

Mark’s family does this by having one integrated calendar for the entire family. The calendar is filled with client meetings, doctor appointments, school plays, and more, so that at any given time, he and Annmarie are able to keep the various facets of their lives organized. By scheduling things out, you can give yourself permission to allow personal time into work hours because you know that you’ve scheduled something work related for typical “off hours” on an evening or weekend.

Living an integrated life isn’t easy. It’s not about sacrificing one thing over another. It’s about being intentional and living the life we choose to live. It’s about being efficient to do the things that matter, both in both our firm and our family.

Question: How do you live an integrated life?

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