13001164_1601797040139663_512369576342603917_nHave you ever had an idea to improve your process; to make it more efficient or more effective in some big way? Maybe you are inspired to start a new business that will help take your architecture firm to the next level and in doing so, will change the profession for all of us, forever. This week's guest is striving to do just that.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, I invite Jared Perry, the founder of Paeven.com, a new online platform for architects and engineers, to discuss how to use technology to leverage a powerful idea for predictable revenue.

Jared is a professional engineer based in Westlake, Ohio and a co-founder and principal at Sixmo Inc. He attended school at Ohio University with an original focus on transportation engineering before switching over to where his greater interest was, in structural engineering. At Sixmo, the architecture department focuses primarily on aquatic facilities and microbreweries. Structurally they deal a lot in commercial, retail, and light industrial work.

Paeven was designed to support growth and competition in the architecture and engineering industry. The whole idea behind it was to create predictable revenue by logging into an online platform to pick jobs in a market where your skills are.

What does the process look like for consultant?

  • Create a profile // company, background, contact information, credentials, confirm licensure and agree to the ethical conduct policy
  • Search the database // filter based on discipline, location, market, etc.
  • Found a project? // view any RFIs and download RFP to determine if you’d like to place a bid
  • Place a bid // select your cost, schedule, and hourly rate
  • Results // you’ll be immediately notified based on the preliminary selection criteria that the owner put in the system to see where your bid finished in comparison to others and Paeven will calculate what your percentage is to get that job
  • Decision // the owner has two weeks to decide who to award the bid to
  • Introduction // Paeven passes the baton to introduce the client to the owner

There are many architects and engineers who have these ideas and inspiration to create something to better the world they’re in, and they don’t know where to start. When you came up with this idea, how did you get it to where it is now?

  • Thought about it when he was running and wrote it down immediately
  • Brainstormed what to do and what not to do
  • Got support from his spouse
  • Talked to those in his network who have different talents like computer programming to figure out costs and recommendations
  • Found a firm who spoke their language to partner with them doing design and development
  • Worked to get their name out there through passive marketing via social media

Connect with Jared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and online at Paeven.com. Reach out and ask him how or why he did it and if you should do it too!

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