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EntreArchitect-Podcast-BadgeEntreArchitect is a movement that is slowly growing. It's a community of like-minded architects who are tired of the status quo; tired of working long hours, tired of society not recognizing the role of architects, beyond that of the creators of big shiny buildings designed by the most public of architects.

Entrepreneur Architects are tired of struggling to make ends meet. We are tired of working too hard and getting paid too little.

Entrepreneur Architects recognize that there is a problem in this profession. That there is a significant part of our education missing from our basic knowledge. We recognize that business success and profit are critical and necessary in order for the dream to come true. The dream of being a successful architect, where we have the best clients, design the best buildings and get paid well for doing it.

Entrepreneur Architects are seeking ways to integrate their small firms with their family and building a lifestyle of success with everything we do in business, leadership and life.

EntreArchitect is growing and we ARE becoming an influential force in the profession for YOU the small firm architect.

Today on the EntreArchitect Podcast I am going to present an update on our progress here at EntreArchitect .


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