inner-banner copyLast winter, the founder and CEO of Charrette Venture Group, Matt Ostanik contacted me and inquired about my interest in being a jury member of his new Architecture Business Plan Competition.

I receive emails and requests all the time asking me to buy things or participate in surveys or to join a networking group or just notification that I am a winner of the million dollar grand prize.

So when Matt contacted me, I was skeptical. And when he mentioned that the grand prize for his “no-strings attached” Architecture Business Plan Competition was $10,000 alarm bells went off in my head.

But as I researched Charrette Venture Group and learned what Matt was trying to do, I became interested in learning more. Matt was coming into New York for business and asked if I could meet for coffee.

Last March, Matt and I and Matt's associate, Todd Reding met for coffee in Pleasantville where my office was before we moved it back to our home office here in Chappaqua.

It was at that meeting when I learned of Matt's mission and his plan to help architects build better businesses. His mission is similar to mine we just want to give back and help the profession grow.

After that meeting I was all in. I was invited to join Matt as a member of the competition jury. I also became sort of an informal advisor to help them connect with small firms and specifically you, the Entrepreneur Architect community.

The 2014 Architecture Business Plan Competition was a huge success. I talked all about the results back in episode 36 and wrote about it in several posts. You may find links to these posts below.

This year, I've been asked to join the jury once again and this week on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast, I am speaking with Todd Reding, who since that first coffee meeting with Matt and me, has become the Chief Operating Officer of Charrette Venture Group.

We talked about, not only the business plan competition, but also about Charrette Venture Group, it's purpose and how the competition is helping the profession grow.



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