IMG_8106A few week back, I traveled to the west coast of the United States to attend The Equity by Design Symposium organized by a committee of AIA San Francisco called The Missing 32%. The event was well attended (in fact it was sold out) and very well produced. It was a day filled with thought provoking seminars and workshops focused on the disparity between men and women in architecture.

This week our guest on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast is the founder of The Missing 32% committee, the chairman of the Equity by Design Symposium and a rising star among leaders in our profession. She's been a guest on the show before and in fact, is the first two-time guest on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast. I have invited her back to discuss the event and to share some of the very revealing results of the Equity by Design Survey.

Rosa Sheng, AIA is our guest this week on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast. We reveal the results of the Equity by Design Survey and discuss the very successful Equity by Design Symposium.

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