stephenCHUNG138When I speak with architects about the critical issues we are facing in the profession, many of us echo the same solution of educating the public on what we do and why we do it.

“If they only understood…”

This week on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast I speak with architect and teacher Stephen Chung; the creator and host of the new PBS television show, Cool Spaces! Stephen has a great story to share. We discuss his journey to become an architect and his inspiration for the show. We even talk a bit about some of the criticism he has received from fellow architects for the show's initial focus on big brand firms… and I think you're going to like what he has to say about that.

I was also fortunate enough to view a sneak preview of episode one, which premiered on many PBS stations this past week on April 3rd. After watching the show I am even more excited by what Stephen is doing.

The show is entertaining and informative. It introduces the world to what we architects do and why we do it. Stephen walks viewers through each building featured, talks about what makes each space special and introduces us to the architects and designers responsible for each creation.

As an architect, I was riveted from beginning to end. Anyone interested in architecture (and that is everyone you and I know) will be fascinated by the forms, the spaces and the process explained throughout the episode. I am very happy that we finally have a mainstream television show that introduces the public to our world.

Wait until you see the ad created by AIA in support of CoolSpaces! I think you'll love that too. Well done AIA National.

I encourage you to support Stephen and Cool Spaces!

This is an important moment for us architects. If Stephen's show succeeds, we may see many more shows featuring the real world of architecture. As a residential architect, one of my daily challenges is battling the HGTV effect, where clients have unrealistic expectations for their projects. If we had more shows featuring real life architects, the entire profession will benefit.

I want to know what YOU think of CoolSpaces! Have you seen it yet? Please leave a comment below and we’ll chat.

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Visit CoolSpaces.TV to find the schedule for your region and to contact Stephen about the show.


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