paid-160127_1280Since launching the blog back in 2007, there has been one topic that I have been asked about more than any other. Whenever I write about it, either at the blog or over at the Entrepreneur Architect Linkedin Group (which by the way is closing in on 6,000 members) the comment section lights up. It's the one topic that, for generations, has been untouchable. We've been trained by our schools and required by our professional organization to avoid discussing this topic at all costs or else.

Well today, right here on the podcast, I am talking about fees for architectural services.


Topics Referenced in This Episode

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The Passion Profit Cycle of Success

Architectural Fees

Cost Per Square Foot

Hourly Fees

Stipulated Sum Fees (a.k.a. Flat or Fixed Fees)

Percentage of Construction Cost

The Hybrid Fee

The Hybrid Proposal for Architectural Services Course

Collaboration and Encouragement Among Architects

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