It’s finally here… Episode 001 of The Entrepreneur Architect Podcast.

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In this first episode, I sit down with Christopher Pollard, Founder and CEO of Anon Design Collective (live at Fivecat Studio). He is trained as an architect, but has taken his career in a very different direction.

Chris says, “Architecture is Dead”. Listen and find out if you agree.

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Topics Discussed

  • Architecture School
  • Education of an architect
  • Experiential Design and Marketing
  • The intersection of architecture, design and business
  • Design is the “killer app”
  • Architects delivering business solutions
  • Collaborative model of project delivery
  • Using the skills and talents of architectural training for alternative careers
  • Identity crisis in the profession of architecture
  • “Architecture is Dead”
  • The “brand” of architect
  • Leadership
  • Advice for recent graduates and interns
  • Don’t be afraid

Places and People Mentioned

  • Christopher Pollard
  • Anon Design Collective
  • Fivecat Studio
  • Purepartner by Design
  • Syracuse University
  • Rockwell Group
  • David Rockwell
  • Coca Cola
  • Live Nation (Clear Channel Entertainment)
  • Pininfarina
  • XBOX 360 (Microsoft)
  • Astro Studios
  • JDK Design
  • Bruce Mau Design
  • Imagination
  • Obscura Digital
  • Apple
  • Jonathan “Jony” Ive
  • Steve Jobs
  • Art Vandelay (George Costanza)


Anon Design Collective

The Entrepreneur Architect Podcast: Introduction Episode


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