This episode features fun conversation with Cory Rouillard of Henson Architecture. Much of her work has been in Demystifying how to work with historic buildings. More recently she’s been studying physical climate adaptations and how various cultures have been able to design for climate and stay comfortable around the world.

We jump right in because its always a joy to nerd out on the intersection of Sustainability, Preservation and Advocacy with her. This conversation was a good reminder that we need to share our expertise in the built environment with politicians to help them create and support better policies.


Bio: Cory Rouillard, AIA, APT RP, LEED AP is a Preservation Architect at Henson Architecture and an active advocate for climate leadership through preservation. Her award-winning work has included the restoration of significant historic buildings, new construction in historic contexts, and work in unusual circumstances, including full building relocation and reassembly from previously disassembled components. In the office and in her professional outreach, she promotes technical guidance for the appropriate care of existing buildings to both protect our cultural heritage and meet our carbon mitigation targets. 

Cory is a Co-Chair of the Association for Preservation Technology’s Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation. Since 2011 she has spearheaded the development of the Committee’s Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource (OSCAR). Other initiatives during her tenure include the development of the Zero Net Carbon Collaboration for Existing and Historic Buildings (ZNCC) and the expansion of the Sustainable Preservation Bibliography. She is a frequent speaker on topics including tools for sustainable preservation and the embodied wisdom of vernacular design, and the urgent need for the continued use of our built heritage.

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