This episode features a conversation with Professor Amber Wiley.  She is an old friend who is an Assistant Professor in the Art History Department at Rutgers University and a scholar who has traveled the world studying culture.


"The Civil Rights movement didn't begin in Montgomery and it didn't end in the 1960s.  It continues on to this very minute." – Julian Bond
13:34 – Guatemala
17:36 – Africa (Ghana & Ethiopia)
20:20 – Being called a 'white person' in Africa
24:14 – India (Mumbai/Bombay, Goa, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur)
27:00 – Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City/Saigon)
32:00 – War Remnants Museum (Vietnam)
36:15 – Mexico (Tlatelolco)


 Amber Wiley specializes in architecture, urbanism, and African American cultural studies. Her research interests are centered on the social aspects of design and how it affects urban communities – architecture as a literal and figurative structure of power. She focuses on the ways local and national bodies have made the claim for the dominating narrative and collective memory of cities and examines how preservation and public history contribute to the creation and maintenance of the identity and “sense of place” of a city.

Her teaching approach mirrors her dedication to critical thinking about the human condition in the built environment, and the creation, evolution, and maintenance of cities, neighborhoods, and communities. She strives to actively engage in discourses that are significant across academic fields. Her theoretical and analytic background was founded in art and architectural history methodology, as well as the interdisciplinary methods of American Studies. She combines analysis of aesthetics and socio-cultural influences on community building with questions about the meaning of culture, authority, and agency.

She is active in preservation policy as well as various professional organizations.  She has served on the National Park System Advisory Board Landmarks Committee, and on the boards of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, Latrobe Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians, and the Yale Black Alumni Association.

Find Amber on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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