In this episode, Cherise is joined by Bobby Larson, Senior Associate at DLR Group in Chicago. DLR has, at my count from their website, 33 offices all over the United States and including one in Dubai and one in Shanghai. They discuss the T3 ATX Eastside in Austin, Texas.

You can see the project here as you listen along.

[Episode Summary]

This project had unique challenges and opportunities:

DLR Group in collaboration with developer Hines brings us the latest iteration of a mass timber building in Austin, TX––the T3 ATX Eastside building. 

East Austin has undergone significant redevelopment, particularly aimed at attracting a burgeoning younger demographic. Utilizing an undeveloped half-block previously owned by a local metal recycling company, the newest T3 building––or timber, transit, and technology building––finds its place within this evolving landscape.

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