In this episode, Cherise is joined by Jill Traylor, Principal/Director of Interior Design and Tyler Guidroz, Associate/Architect at EskewDumezRipple with offices in New Orleans, Louisiana and Washington D.C. They discuss the Center of Developing Entrepreneurs (CODE) in Charlottesville, Virginia.

You can see the project here as you listen along.

CODE is a new mixed-use project in Downtown Charlottesville comprised of a new public plaza for the historic pedestrian mall and 215,000 sf of multi-use space, including a strategic combination of coworking, office space, shared amenities, and retail.

The building was envisioned as a new public forum and collision space—a new version of Charlottesville—where individuals across demographics might meet in pursuit of a better future.

The exterior was inspired by the brick cladding and punched window openings of the historic buildings that surround the building. The façade boasts a modern rainscreen that offers high levels of insulation and thermal performance.

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