Under Patrick’s leadership, HOK is the process of turning around the business of the firm. In today’s episode, HOK is now in a position to buy back their freedom. Patrick details the steps he took to finally address each of the three crises that threatened the firms existence.

Carl Galioto, President of HOK, managing principal of the New York and Philadelphia studios, explains the concept of “shortening your lines” to improve the function of the firm.

Susan Williams, managing principal of HOK’s Washington, D.C. shares her perspective of Patrick’s contributions and how she has continued and built upon his work. 

Patrick shares his lessons for listeners to take away from this episode:

  • Cash is King,
  • As a strategic resource, and as freedom
  • Negotiating tips,
  • Negotiate the big picture first, then work out the details,
  • Conduct sensitive negotiations on neutral turf
  • Find and groom new leaders from inside your firm.

To read along and see illustrations and personal photos that accompany this series, get Patrick’s book, Designing a World-Class Architecture Firm. You can buy the book at gablmedia.com/buildsmartbook/ and find out more information at macleamy.com 

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