I recently talked with Chad Mitchell, PE, SE who is an Associate with S.A. Miro in Denver, CO. Instead of focusing on a particular building, we took some time out and talked about collaboration within the structural engineering community and ways that we can support one another.  As a past president of the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC), Chad shares a wealth of knowledge on how involvement with professional organizations can have a real and immediate effect on advancing the profession.  As a group of volunteers, SEAC has developed documents regarding wind loads and snow loads that have made their way into the ICC Codes, helping structural engineers everywhere.  We also touched on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how important it is for someone with a voice that carries to highlight people with voices that aren’t heard as loud.  Chad is an avid supporter of the engineering community as a whole and is passionate about sharing ideas that lead to industry wide elevation.  Here are some links to other great collaborative efforts:



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