The Power of Brand: Using a Podcast for Your Company

In today’s busy world, standing out is more important than ever. My recent trip to Brazil showed me this clearly. Walking through the crowded streets of São Paulo,  Rio de Janeiro and the busy beaches of Copacabana, I saw that being memorable is a big challenge for any brand. Using a podcast as a branding tool can help your company be noticed. Here are three simple benefits of building your brand with a podcast, with real-life examples.

On Doors and Redemption: Sean Joyner learns a lesson in the aisles of Home Depot

In a fit of frustration, Sean Joyner punched through his bedroom door, setting off a chain of events that would transform his perspective on life. What started as a quest for redemption turned into an eye-opening exploration of doors as more than mere barriers. Discover how measuring a door for replacement became a catalyst for personal growth, opening his eyes to the intricacies of architecture and transforming the way he perceives the world around him.

Dark Social and the Crucial Role of Marketing in AEC Industries

Over time, the AEC industries have struggled through the evolution of marketing strategies, moving from a historical aversion to advertising to slowly embracing modern, diverse marketing techniques. We’ll explore the historical context, the importance of marketing, the emerging role of content creation in the AEC industries, and the significance of Dark Social.

Depression-Proof Architecture Firms: Lessons for the Modern Era

In a recent episode of “Build Smart,” Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA shared the fascinating origins of HOK, an international architecture firm that has left an indelible mark on the industry. With a focus on George Hellmuth, the founding father of HOK, and the visionary principles he crafted to create what he called a “depression-proof” architecture firm, let’s explore these principles and analyze how they remain relevant and applicable in today’s ever-evolving architectural landscape.

The Path to Sustainable Urban Planning: 10 Reasons Why Livable Neighborhoods Matter

In the discussion of urban planning, the concepts of livable neighborhoods and sustainable urban development have become increasingly vital. These ideas find their roots in the pioneering work of Jane Jacobs, an influential urbanist, activist, and author. In this article, based on a recent episode of ‘She Builds’ podcast, we will explore the top 10 reasons why livable neighborhoods are crucial to shaping a viable future for our world. By focusing on the principles and life work of Jane Jacobs, we can pave the way for more sustainable and vibrant cities.

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